How the ‘Assign Your Consignment’ program works.

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Participating Charities.


How to get your treasures to The Attic

You are responsible for getting your assignment to us, but if you need help moving and transporting items blah…blah…blah. Since anyone moving will have to drive both ways, a good option would be to hire someone familiar with us and Woodstock.

You may contact the Woodstock Area Job Bank and they can recommend people who currently are available to help you move your big treasures to Ellaway’s Attic.  We have prescreened some folks, so feel free to call us for recommendations????  Of course you are always free to arrange movers from your area. Please be aware that the Attic is on the second floor of the building.

Think about sharing the cost of transportation – are there other people Assigning Consignments from your area? Does your group want to collect locally and transport as a group?